The New 2023 GravelKing Limited Editions

An annual tradition since 2018, this highly anticipated Panaracer GravelKing series is officially announced and on sale now!


A Brighter World

This year we are unveiling two new bright hues - Sunset Orange and Turquoise.

The style selection range consists of 12 size and width variations that spread across three models: the Gravelking, Gravelking SS (semi-slick), and the Gravelking SK (semi knob).

*Sidewall colors are available in BLACK or BROWN.

Feel the Sun

Sunset Orange brings a warm sunset glow to your ride any time of day and really helps set your bike apart from the crowd. This color looks great on darker frames but will work any way you want to customize your bike.

See the Sky

Turquoise Blue brings the calm vibrancy of both sea and sky to coordinate or offset your bike to your liking.

The Original

The original Gravelking tread excels on paved roads and light gravel paths and trails.

The Semi-Slick

The Gravelking SS adapts to almost any drier terrain both on and off road. The fast-rolling center of the tire is supported by strong side rails that help control in cornering and provide traction where you need it most.

The Semi-Knobby

The GravelKing SK is the best all-around gravel tire available. Suited for all but the rockiest or sloppiest conditions, the SK is the gravel tire you put on and just ride without worry.

Tire Tech

All Gravelking tires feature the same durable and abrasion-resistant "ZSG natural Compound" as the current Gravelking models and feature lightweight and shock-absorbing "AX-α casing", and "Anti-Flat Casing" which is effective against side cuts and rim compressions.

Limited Editions that Push Your Limits

Have fun coordinating these once-a-year editions with your bike, clothes, and accessories!

Quantities of each color and size are limited, so don't hesitate because once they're gone, they're gone for good!


GravelKing Slick Tires 2023 Limited EditionsGravelking SS Tires 2023 Limited EditionsGravelKing SK Tires 2023 Limited Editions