Meet the Panaracer USA Ambassador Team!


Marcos Aquilar

Corpus Christi, Texas

Marcos Aguilar is an "Average Joe" cyclist. He simply wants to get out and ride his bikes. He attends gravel events for the experience and enjoys some cold adult beverages with friends, afterwards. While not a competitor at heart, there are multiple gravel events he wishes to attend - the Castell Grind (Castell, TX) and the Garmin UNBOUND event in Emporia, Kansas to name a couple. When asked why he rides, he states, "Life is too short to be stuck on the couch binge watching Netflix."



Lee Bender

Portland, Oregon

Often found within the boundaries of Forest Park Conservancy near my house, I also ventures out into the Cascade Range or the Oregon Coast — both just an hour or so drive away from home. When began cycling, I always sat upright riding into the headwinds and told myself I loved the resistance, on every hill, I told myself that I loved climbing and now, while I do love a fast downhill, I enjoy steep long grades in the upwards direction. And maybe I enjoy the suffering a bit too much considering my two decade long skateboarding background. Cycling and a healthy diet are my only medications I use to control the multiple sclerosis diagnosis I was gifted 14 years ago. #hillsnotpills is my daily mantra and I look forward to grinding up mountains for the rest of my life! “1, 2, 3, 4, I will heal more!”




Craig Dalton

Mill Valley, California

Craig Dalton is a lifelong cyclist and host of The Gravel Ride Podcast. Living in Mill Valley, CA, gravel often equals XC mountain bike trails which is where the Gravel King SK comes into play!



Tommy E

Tommy "Hurl" Everstone

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The training wheels came off at age 3, and I'm still just a 53yr old teenage geezer with cycling in my blood. My favorite bike is the one that I'm riding.



Meg Fisher

Missoula, Montana

Meg Fisher is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Athletic Performance Coach, and Motivational Speaker based in Missoula, Montana. Her personal athletic achievements include Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Games and ten world championships. Meg has been the first par athlete to take on many endurance events like DK 200, Gravel Worlds, Rebecca's Private Idaho Queen Stage Race, and XTERRA Off Road Triathlon.

Meg’s road to success has not been easy.

At 19 years old she was involved in a tragic car accident that nearly killed her. She survived a coma and lost the lower portion of her left leg. Meg worked hard to heal and move beyond her new physical limitations.

Today, she is dedicated to helping erase limits, change lives, and demonstrate the capacity of the human body and spirit.



Joel Gilmore

Longmont, Colorado

I learned about cycling, especially European road racing, when I was eight years old and Greg Lemond won the 1986 Tour de France. My passion for bikes and bike racing grew consistently and came to a head in the early 2000's when I began racing in criteriums and road races in Southern California and Nevada. That era of my cycling life was cut short due to autoimmune disease and chronic illness, but that misfortune allowed me time to grow my fledgling brand, Revelo, which makes cycling accessories from recycled materials. Now, many years on, I measure cycling success differently than I used to, and now success looks like a gravel ride on our Boulder County trails or local farm roads around the Revelo world headquarters in Longmont, CO.



Tim Heuer

Renton, Washington

After looking for an answer to keeping fit, Tim found cycling and immediately fell in love with the community and adventure. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Tim enjoys the immense amount of beautiful gravel and dirt available to ride and loves to explore and the adventure behind it. With his friends he often challenges himself to ridiculous epic rides and adventures whether it be the Swiss and French Alps, or a casual 400km ride around a few mountain passes with gravel, he's up for the experience!



Troy Hopwood

Newcastle, Washington

Troy is driven by exploration. He’s always asking what’s over the next ridge, around the next corner and how deep is that bog? Whether it’s road, gravel, or singletrack, rides often result in hike-a-bike sections and dead ends but they also yield amazing discoveries.

Troy is the creator of the Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Route but he’s always looking for ways to change it. He likes to load up his bike, pick a direction and venture out for days at a time creating new routes to share with the bikepacking community. The only real rule for Troy is each ride must include something he’s never ridden before.


Tom K

Tom Keller

Bloomington, Illinois

A self diagnosed training & riding addict rolling over 12,000 miles a year. I love to plan all my routes from one Casey’s gas station to the next with the most adventure as possible in between. All rides above 86 miles should be turned in to centuries and all gravel roads chosen over tarmac roads… ride safe and ride on!



Isabel King

Santa Monica, California

D1 soccer player, turned equity sales trader in NYC, turned MBA student, turned pro triathlete, turned privateer adventurer and off-road racer.

I started my athletic career as a D1 soccer player at Columbia University. After graduation I joined UBS on the equity trading floor where I worked for 4 years before deciding to go back to business school. In the summer before starting at UCLA Anderson, I signed up for a triathlon and discovered a whole new world of endurance athletics. I continued to train while getting my MBA and qualified to compete as a pro triathlete in my third 70.3 Ironman race.

After finishing my MBA, I decided to temporarily shelve plans to work in fintech in order to compete as a professional triathlete. Unfortunately 2020 had alternative plans. “Keep your knees bent” is a mantra we grew up with in my family; always be ready for unexpected bumps and challenges. With races cancelled, I kept my knees bent and shifted my focus to use training for good, raising money for the UCLA health care workers and speaking out about social justice by partnering with Reggie Miller.

These days, I am usually spotted wearing some funky combination of bright orange, smiling or incredibly out of breath QOM chasing in the Santa Monica mountains. Going after Strava QOMs has been my competitive outlet in the past year. I’ve taken over 1,000 QOMs in the Los Angeles area.



Michael Koshiro

Seattle, Washington

Mike was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He took up track bikes in 2010 and enjoyed riding NJS bikes through downtown traffic. Ultimately he could not ride track bikes up the great mountainous terrain that LA has to offer and his love for track bikes slowly turned into a love of road and gravel cycling. On any given weekend you could find him up Highway 2 en route to Mt. Wilson, descending the technical terrain within the world famous Griffith Park, or ripping gravel trails somewhere in the Verdugo Mountains.

Nowadays Mike resides in Seattle, Washington. The change in terrain has further progressed his love for gravel grinding, and he doesn't even own a "race bike" anymore. Mike prides himself as a mechanic and spent the last 2 years working full time at a shop. His love of riding is matched by his love for wrenching.



Edwin Lindo

Seattle, Washington

Edwin is a Critical Race Theory scholar, Community Organizer, Educator, and Co-Founder of North Star Cycling. Cycling brings Edwin joy and community in achieving a more equitable and just cycling industry. From road riding to detours in gravel, Edwin can't wait to make the Panaracer tires work! See you on the road!




Roy Liu

Miami, Florida

A native costarican, Roy has been based in Miami, Florida for the last 15 years. His relationship with cycling started while heading out up the mountains in Costa Rica, which he later swapped for the eternal flat lands of Florida, inspiring longer distance rides. It's not uncommon to find him on a bike for a 100-, 200- or 300-mile bike ride. After incursions in triathlon, road and gravel cycling have become the go-to's.

He bikepacked from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic across the Pyrenees range, opening a whole range of possibilities for adventure. Events he has completed include 18 half-ironman and 5 ironman triathlons (including World Championships in Kona), SBT Gravel, Dirty Kanza, Leadville 100 and races of the Gran Fondo Series in the USA. A Civil Engineer by trade, when Roy isn't riding his bike, he spends his time as a Research Scientist investigating the effects of hurricanes and wind storms on the built environment at a hurricane research experimental facility.




Dave Nice a.k.a. "Fixie Dave"

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Fixie Dave” Nice has been pedaling since training wheels and working in bike shops since he was 13 years old. He has worked on bikes for endurance athletes, pro athletes, para athletes, and built bikes for various disabilities. If it has pedals, he enjoys working on it. He’s ridden the great divide route fixed, Leadville 100 fixed, raced 24 hours, When he’s not wrenching on bikes you can find him year-round commuting by bike, bikepacking, mutiday self supported racing, cooking or reading.



Angela Petersen

Columbia, Missouri

Fueled by Casey's pizza and gummy worms, Angela is usually out adventuring by bike for snacks. Endurance rides are her jam and she advocates for cultivating inclusive bike communities. She also spends her days hiking with her aussie pup, reading, coaching NICA student athletes, and strumming her ukulele in the hammock. Though home base is mid-Missouri, Angela is often on the go, stoked to explore and be outside in the dirt.



Richard Pool a.k.a. "Crumbs"

Portland, Oregon

My name is Richard Pool, but I'm known in the cycling world as "Crumbs" as I run @bicyclecrumbs on instagram. I currently live in Portland, Oregon, where I work as the Creative Director for Speedvagen bikes. There I work as the lead designer and run our marketing as well. Spending the vast majority of my life in Kansas gravel is my preferred type of riding. If I'm not designing bikes, you can find me at cycling events (Mid South is the best!!!) or on family rides with my wife and kids.



Niko Skievaski

Boulder, Colorado

Niko gave up his road bike for wider tires upon moving to Boulder, where all roads seem to eventually turn into gravel. You can find him in the mountains most days, exploring dirt roads or singletrack followed by a beer with friends at the trailhead. In his day job, he's a tech entrepreneur trying to make healthcare a little bit better with his startup, Redox.



Sky Wilson

Portland, Oregon

I first started cycling on my local Tokul trails in Washington back in 2000. It was a natural transition from skateboarding that filled my desire to shred and push the limits. A while later I got into road cycling to stay in shape between mountain biking when I lived in Santa Cruz . I was strangely hooked on this roadie thing pretty quickly, and when I moved back to Seattle I got into racing cyclocross, which brought everything together in perfect harmony. I now live in Portland, but before settling in, I chose to celebrate my long attempt in moving to this city by riding my bike from Portland to Santa Cruz. With the abundance of gravel in our surrounding region, I prefer getting off the beaten path around here whenever I can.

These days I’m not racing much, not only due to Covid, but because my job requires me to travel the world frequently which makes my schedule a little difficult to foresee kitting up. I never travel without my bike though. I love my job because the bike is as essential as a pair of socks when I travel. I love meeting people all over the globe and find the world to be a friendlier place when you get out and see it. I’ve become genuine friends with all sorts of people on bikes on my travels, and sometimes we don’t even speak a word of each other’s language, but we have the strongest language in common, the language of cycling.