In the decade since we introduced GRAVELKING, the gravel market has evolved significantly. The ALL NEW GRAVELKING is equipped with cutting-edge technologies exclusively developed by our company: 'ZSG Gravel Compound,' 'TuffTex,' and 'BeadLock.' This next-generation tire aims to surpass its predecessor by delivering unparalleled performance, boasting low rolling resistance, puncture resistance, and a supremely smooth riding experience.

As the definition of gravel evolves, we see the need to cater to a diverse range of destinations and riding styles. We've revamped our lineup to align with the latest gravel biking trends and beyond, updating models, specifications, and sizes. Each model now offers specific features – ST, +, and R - catering to individual preferences.

the most advanced gravelking ever
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Introducing "BeadLock”. Our meticulously redesigned bead has been engineered to accommodate an extensive array of rim types, encompassing both hookless and clincher varieties. With its advanced engineering, tire mounting becomes a seamless process, often achievable with just a standard floor pump, ensuring effortless adaptability and superior performance on any terrain. BeadLock is specifically engineered precisely for the evolving gravel market landscape.


TuffTex is a revolutionary structure crafted exclusively for GRAVELKING tires. With its supple, high thread count casing, TuffTex ensures durability while boasting precisely engineered bead-to-bead puncture protection. Building upon this innovation, TuffTex + features a dual layer of bead-to-bead TuffTex material, enhancing puncture resistance and overall security. Meanwhile, TuffTex R showcases our most supple and lightweight casing yet, delivering unparalleled comfort and agility. This unique blend guarantees an exceptionally smooth ride, offering the lowest rolling resistance available in a Gravelking tire.


Boasting a supple, high thread count casing fortified with Panaracer's precisely engineered bead-to-bead puncture protection. 

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tufftex +

Increases resilience with a dual layer of bead-to-bead TuffTex material providing additional puncture resistance and heightened security in the most challenging conditions. 

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tufftex R

Bead-to-bead protection that features our most supple and lightweight casing to date. This distinctive combination guarantees an exceptionally smooth ride, providing the lowest rolling resistance available in a GravelKing tire. 

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zsg gravel

The all new ZSG Gravel compound is precisely formulated from our exclusive ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) material. Crafted specifically for gravel terrain, this unique compound guarantees exceptional resilience against temperature variations, delivering consistent rubber performance from freezing cold to sweltering heat. Engineered to excel on both gravel and tarmac surfaces, it boasts lower rolling resistance while maintaining optimal grip levels, ensuring uncompromised performance in diverse conditions.