GravelKing SK Limited Edition 2022 Folding Gravel Tire
GravelKing SK Limited Edition 2022 Folding Gravel Tire
GravelKing SK Limited Edition 2022 Folding Gravel Tire

GravelKing SK Limited Edition 2022 Folding Gravel Tire


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Available in the original Gravelking, the style to choose when you're riding on tarmac and trail, also available in Gravelking SK for when you need a tread that gets you up and over about anything gravel, and the Gravelking SS for those times when the smoother center tread gets you up to speed fast but the side lugs offer great cornering control when you need it.

It's the ultimate fast gravel tire. 700 x 32c and 700 x 38c only. Fully hookless rim and tubeless compatible.

Ginger was inspired by the wholesome earthiness and energy that ginger provides. A color and feeling that is subtle yet easily noticeable that puts a smile on your face and extra push to the downstroke on your pedals. Calm and vibrating just below the surface, Astral Blue taps into the Zen of your ride no matter where that is. Truly Limited for 2022 only.

  • Ideal for gravel, dirt, and rough payment
  • Only 330 grams in the 32 width and 430 grams in the 38
  • Folding (Aramid) Bead
  • Available in 700 C and 32 or 38 tire widths
  • TLC (TLR/Tubeless) and Hookless Compatible in widths 32mm and larger



Panaracer GravelKing SK Limited Edition bicycle tire

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anastasia N
Color fades quickly

I selected these tires mostly for the color, it faded very quickly with normal use and always stored inside.

Raul Boesch
Fashion over functional maybe ?

3rd tire in less than 3 months! They sure look good the blue astral matches my frame color and looks very nice and get lots of compliments! But they are not durable at all! 3 of them same sidewall tiny cuts and the gravel I ride it’s very packed mostly dirt! If you looking for fashion and looks go for it! Durability don’t buy!

Derek Hoenisch
Double Down on the Gravelking SK Ltd

I went all in back in April 2021, and bought both the 43's in "Big Bird" Yellow, and 38's in Purple Fuchsia for use on multiple bikes. Both sets have been bomb proof for me riding on all types of surfaces, including some 100 mile days. I run the 43's tubed, as when tubed they fill out a little narrower(?), don't know why, but they do and that's a positive as it means they fit my frame, If I do them tubeless, they touch the Chain stays.... They have ripped on Single track, Double track, dirt, gravel, some moist wet days, dry dusty days, bike ways, rail trails, and races from Portland to Bend (lots of single track in Bend) to Prineville and the Oregon Coast, also Seattle to Spokane bike packing the the Palouse rail trail (gravel).
Both sets are are Dura Ace C24 rims, yup, you can use road wheels for gravel. Bought new sets for the upcoming Spring of 2023

Ryan Dougherty
Look good. Puncture easy.

I’m on my fourth GravelKing SK tire in a year due to punctures caused by things as small as a thorn. I was hoping the Limited Edition tires were more durable than the standard GravelKing tires. They’re not. But they sure do look good on my bike! Fashion aver function, I guess.

Nick Stavros
They handle well

I’m enjoying them a lot! The color is great even when they’re dusty. They handle well on dirt roads, and maybe feel a little slower on pavement, or maybe that’s just me!

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