Agilest  ag·ile·st

1. Superlative form of agile: most agile;
    marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace

The Agilest: Panaracer Introduces its New Road Tire Line

The Agilest series is available in Light, Tubeless, Agilest Standard, and Duro variations, and are infused with combinations of superior Panaracer tire technology such as the ZSG Agile Compound, the Tough & Flex Super Belt, the Tough & Flex Super Outer Shield, and the Protite Belt compound technologies.


The Wind at Your Back, Agile on the Road

Designed to perform seamlessly in all weather and road conditions, the Agilest perfectly demonstrates the "Panaration Ratio" of balancing performance, high puncture resistance, grip traction and ride suppleness.

The Agilest tire series replaces our former 12 year old road series, RACE, and is designed to deliver performance for a diversity of cyclist needs across three critical metrics: fast rolling, durability, and grip.

Agilest at a Glance


The Agilest Light isn't just light, it's jaw-droppingly light! Starting at 170g in the 25c you might think the that is impossible. At the core of course is our newly developed ZSG AGILE COMPOUND and TOUGH & FLEX SUPER BELT.

Freedom from conventional design constraints allowed our designers to save weight without sacrificing performance or surprisingly long-lasting durability. Agilest Light is made for time trials, hill climbs, and anytime you need the lightest tire but are unwilling to compromise security and performance for weight alone.


TLR stands for "Tubeless Road", is the new kid in the vaunted Panaracer road tire lineup. Built on the same sturdy platform and the Agilest clincher, our TLR version also demonstrates the "Panaracer Ratio" and also benefits from the integration of the newly developed ZSG AGILE COMPOUND on which you can count on in virtually any conditions you'd find yourself in.


The foundation of our new road series, The Agilest, is designed to perform seamlessly in all weather and road conditions. This tire perfectly demonstrates the "Panaracer Ratio" found throughout the line with its balance of performance, puncture resistance, and grip while providing a smooth ride with exceptionally low rolling resistance - so it is equally at home with the enthusiast as much as it is with the racer.


The Duro was designed for those times when you need a little more protection for those bad roads or winter riding conditions but still want a performance tire with pro level specification.

Duro features increase puncture resistance to the mix by incorporating the newly developed TOUGH & FLEX SUPER OUTER SHIELD and PROTITE BELT technologies throughout the tire and up the sidewalls. Reduced rolling resistance and a weight that's reduced 20g compared to the previous model makes this a tough and supplely balanced, no-nonsense tire.

The Ratio of Perfection

This sweet spot of the "Panaracer Ratio" perfect balance is made possible by the advanced compound mixture within our rubber technology that represents a new apex in road tire development never before achieved and is the result of a long period of research and development.

New Tech

It took three years to arrive at a new compound and puncture protection belt that surpasses what we used in our RACE EVO4 series tires.


Zero Slip Grip

ZSG stands for the Zero Slip Grip used in the new ZSG AGILE COMPOUND that maintains the same adhesion as previous compounds while reducing rolling resistance beyond its predecessor, the ZSG ADVANCED.

Tough & Flex


Developed to provide better puncture resistance, the TOUGH & FLEX SUPER BELT provides this with a supple ride and low rolling resistance performance. The result of all of our research and development is a range of tires that checks all the boxes required for optimum cycling performance.

Not to forget, the T&F SUPER OUTER SHIELD as well as the PROTITE BELT that's incorporated into the Duro for enhancing our next generation reliable performance tires with increased puncture resistance.

Broad Compatibility

All of the new tire models have been developed to strict ETRTO standards to make sizing and mounting tires compatible with a broad range of rims and wheels to accommodate racing, training or sport cyclist needs.

Hookless Rim Compatibility

The Agilest TLR (Tubeless Compatible) was given special attention in developing its bead to insure a secure fit on a wide variety of rims and wheels - both standard and hookless.