SealSmart Tubless Tire Sealant
SealSmart Tubless Tire Sealant
SealSmart Tubless Tire Sealant
SealSmart Tubless Tire Sealant

SealSmart Tubless Tire Sealant


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Panaracer SealSmart is the culmination of over two years of development and testing to create a unique sealant free from harmful chemicals and smells that lasts longer inside the tire without clumping and seals punctures up to 4mm within seconds. Made with proprietary materials and natural latex and walnut shells (yes, walnut shells!) that all work together to insure a fast seal, less spray, and more time in the saddle! SealSmart is absolutely the fastest sealing sealant on the market today.

▪ Tubeless tire sealant developed with a natural latex base and ground walnut shells
▪ Low allergen: made from natural ingredients
▪ Quickly and efficiently seals 6 mm holes
▪ 4 oz bottle: enough for 2-4 road or gravel tires; or 2 mountain bike tires

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Guaranteed to create a mess

I purchased this following its recommendation by Jan Heine (Rene Herse Tires). I'd had trouble getting traditional Orange Seal to work on some RH Barlow Pass extra lights (700x38).
This weekend I attempted to use it for topping-up the sealant in those Barlow Pass extra lights. I read the instructions on the bottle and saw that you aren't supposed to inject this (through the valve stem). I tried that anyway hoping to avoid the mess of partially dismounting the tire. Panaracer is correct - you can't use a syringe to inject the sealant through the valve - the ground walnut shells are coarse and quickly clog the valve stem.

When hope fails - follow the instructions - so I broke the bead-seal on the mounted tire. There simply isn't enough working room on a 38x700 tire to neatly open the bead enough to add sealant without spillage. I also fount that my syringe (a 70cc irrigating syringe - so its huge) would still clog at the outlet (those walnut shells really to seal a big opening!). So, I had to pry a larger opening in the bead - but if i put that opening at the bottom of the wheel, there wasn't room for 2oz of sealant. BTW - the latex really does set-up quickly - so any spills lead to a sticky mess in your work space. Finally, I got about 1.5oz in each tire and called it a day.

I'd suggest the manufacturer posts a video of how a cyclist can use this product successfully at home (both for new mounts and topping-up sealant). Also, show what tools are recommended for neatly adding sealant.

Until then,I plan to switch back to Orange Seal Endurance because it works pretty well and can be injected via the valve stem.

Donald Mulvey
Worked on my RH switchback hill tires when another sealant had trouble

Installed new RH tires on both my gravel bikes. I used stans in my new tires and the sidewalls seeped like crazy but eventually sealed by adding more sealant and doing the tire swings that RH teaches. Do the tire swings! I then used panaracer sealant in my other gravel bike .... yes its crazy thick and you just cant use an injector ... same tires ... but these new tires sealed up without any complaints and have held air for months now. I think this smart sealant works very well but is a hassle to get in the tire. Not sure if this sealant is compatible with dart tools. Wish I knew and I think Panaracer should add this info to the product listing.

Drew Levitt
Very poor sealant

I bought this sealant for use with my Rene Herse tires (Snoqualmie Pass, 44mm slicks), specifically because Rene Herse recommended it for their thin-sidewall tires. Plus RH tires are made by Panaracer, so it made sense that Panaracer sealant would work well with Panaracer tires.

Boy, I could not have been more wrong. This sealant sucks and NEVER achieved a good seal. It was seeping through the sidewalls constantly and the tire never managed to hold air well. Finally I put a little Orange Seal Endurance sealant in along with the SealSmart and pow, instantly the tire sealed perfectly. It was RIDICULOUS how much more effective the other product was.

I am frustrated with this product for effectively wasting my time, forcing me to spend many minutes on many days trying and failing to get it to work well, when in the end, another product worked perfectly the first time. Two stars because the tire was (barely) rideable for short rides immediately after I pumped it up. But a hard "do not recommend" from me for this sealant.

Sea Smart

Finding this product is much better than the other sealants I have used in the past.
Seems to really seal up the tires properly - excellent

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